Oralade - liquid gold for pups

Oralade - liquid gold for pups

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Oralade Rehydration Fluid 500ml

Pups love the taste of this and helps hydrate.

Oralade Original, is a highly palatable, ready-to-use isotonic drink for dogs and cats providing both Oral rehydration support and Microenteral nutrition to aid recovery from vomiting and diarrhoea and other tummy upsets or conditions where the gut is under stress.

More than Just rehydration!

*It contains a unique blend of purified water, functional amino-acids, glucose and electrolytes in a natural chicken-flavoured formula.

*This unique blend of fluids and essential nutrients, provides fast acting rehydration and also nourishes the cells lining the gut to speed recovery and help maintain the natural barrier.

*Made using a natural chicken flavour, Oralade is highly palatable and stimulates pets to drink more when needed, even when nauseous. It tastes so good there's even a palatability guarantee!

*Oralade is both low in fat and highly-digestible and can be used alongside home-cooked food or recovery-type diets.

*The hydrolysed formula is hypoallergenic and thus suitable for pets with food allergies.

Oralade is also helpful for pets suffering from kidney problems or diabetes.
It is particularly useful during hot weather, whelping and lactation, travelling or any stressful situation.

Key features and benefits:

Purified water - free from chlorides or impurities found in treated tap water which have an odour and taste unpalatable to most cats and dogs. Oralade is also free from citrates or preservatives.

Isotonic - Oralade has the same osmolarity (concentration) of fluids and electolytes as body fluids, which when consumed enables fast absorption and rehydration.

Functional amino acids - Oralade provides Glutamate and Glycine which are the preferred source of nutrients for the enterocytes (cells) lining the gut wall. These cells absorb the body's fluids, nutrients and energy supplies, while also generating the mucosal barrier repelling the harmful bacteria.

Low fat and Low protein - during times of recovery or ill health the gut needs nutrients to heal, but is unable to digest or breakdown fats and proteins at its normal pace. Therefore a easily digestible formula is essential.

Ready to serve and can be frozen - Simply open and serve, keep in the fridge for 3 days once open or freeze and reuse within 12 months = no waste. 

Highly palatable chicken flavour - A broth type drink, Oralade is the first choice for pets vs plain water, or simple electrolyte solutions during times of stress or tummy upset.

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